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   This webquest is designed for third through fifth grades.  Studying language and stories is the window through which your students will experience the Dena'ina culture.  There are many websites that are included on this page that will help with geography, history and what is currently happening in Dena'ina communities.  Students should only use the ones in the Culture and Language tab for the tasks outline in this webquest.  
   The teaching of history should introduce students to the process of historical inquiry. This process requires critical examination of evidence and careful weighing of facts and hypotheses. It provides experience in the kind of reasoned and informed decision-making that should characterize each student’s knowledge of and participation in state events and issues. For this reason, the standard for historical inquiry stands alone; the intent is to integrate this standard, where appropriate, into the standards that follow. The objective of the historical inquiry standard is to apply conceptual knowledge and skills as designated in all strands of Alaska History by problem solving, communicating, reasoning, and making connections.
   In addition, tasks are included that meet the standards for Reading and Writing.  Standard for Culturally Responsive schools are met with use of this webquest. Links to Alaska State Standards are provided below.
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Links to Alaska Standards for Education        click on the pictures

 This is the link to Alaska State Standards for Culturally Responsive Schools.  Take some time to review and get a good sense of how you can use the study of the Dena'ina in a culturally responsive classroom.

Standards made easy

The study of Dena'ina language and culture is historically relevant for South Central Alaska.  Teachers want to plan to meet Alaska State academic standards for every subject taught.  This link provides all the Alaska State Standards for the grade levels you teach. You will need EXCEL to read it.

Technology Standards

A webquest is an exciting way to combine technology standards and learning.  This link will help you focus on how to meet those standards. 

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