Writing books to save a language!!

Now that you have explored the Qenaga website and learned to say a few words in Dena'ina it is time to decide the kind of book you will make.  We use books to learn to read and write in English so why not help preserve the Dena'ina language by writing a book?  Here are some ideas on kinds of books you can make:
Dena'ina alphabet book
Word book
Phrase book
English/ Dena'ina stories where English and Dena'ina are both used.  For examples go to "Our Stories"
These are just ideas.  You can create your own books using Dena'ina.  Go to the Process page to get ideas on how to get started on your book.

Bookmaking Website

This website provides directions and ideas on bookmaking for written projects to use with  the Dena'ina Language and Culture Resources.  Click on the big blue book to go the the bookmaking website.  Remember!!! Use the back arrow to get back to this page.

Telling Stories      Suk'tu

The Dena'ina people have a rich oral tradition of telling stories.  The stories called Suk-tu (legends) were told to entertain and teach a lesson.  Stories are a wonderful way to learn about another culture. Go to the tab called "Our Stories"  and create a story board on a story you have chosen.  Read the stories and decide which one you would like to learn. Make a story board with illustrations and key words to help you retell the story.  You will use the story board to help you remember the sequence of the story when you tell it to a partner.  When you complete your story board go to the blog and tell me what you have learned about the culture from the stories.
Click on the picture for instructions on the storyboard.  Click on Worksheet 1 (Six boxes) Print the worksheet to outline your storyboard.  Read the directions carefully on that page.  Use the back arrow to get back to this page.

Time to Blog

A blog is an online place to write your thoughts.  Remember that your teacher and fellow students will be reading what you write.  This is a place to share what you have learned about the Dena'ina language and culture.  Write about what you have discovered by learning the language and stories of the Dena'ina people.  What do the stories tell you about  the ways of the Dena'ina people?  Read one of your classmate's blogs and write down what it made you think of.  Remember to always be respectful.  Chinan (Thank you)