Process: Together, we can save a language!

We must now go to work to help save the Dena'ina language from extinction.  We will do this by learning the basics on pronunciation and learning words and phrases we can use in our books.  Give yourself plenty of time to listen to the language.  You may have to use headphones to hear it well.  It is important to learn correct pronunciation. There are other websites that you must visit.  The Jukebox website is a must!  Listen to elders talk about growing up Dena'ina.  You must read stories and choose one to do a story board.  Finally, we will gather together and share our work with the class.  We will publish and read our books. We will re-tell stories, Suk'tu like they did in the old days. 

Writing the Book:
You have two ways to choose a book.  1. Decide ahead of time what kind of book you want to make.  An alphabet book, a word or phrase book or a story.  Click the big blue book on the Task page and find a book template that would work for your book idea.  2. Click on the big blue book and choose a bookmaking idea you would like to do.  Write your Dena'ina language book!

The Dena'ina have a wonderful storytelling tradition that you are preparing to experience.  You have read the stories in Our Stories and chosen one you will learn to re-tell to a friend. Your storyboard is made to help you memorize the story.   You will find the directions for the storyboard on the Task page in the Suk'tu Storytelling section.  If you want, you will have a chance to tell the class your story.  We can have a storytelling day!