Additional Websites on Dena'ina Culture

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Pedro Bay
this website is Alaska Department of Fish and Game regarding Tanaina place names.
This website is the tribal website for Kenaitze Tribe.  This link is to the Tribal Archive.
This site has Athabascan place names from all over Alaska.
An article on cultural preservation from Kenaitze tribe.
 A nice article about Denaina language and culture by Lord,%202005%20Issue%20144%20%20V1.htm
Native Village News.  Find out how much the grant to revitalize the Dena’ina language was.
Interesting page from Eklutna tribe giving away computers.
Article by Partnow about Athabascans (very reader friendly)
Dena’inas and local history
interesting recipes that sound pretty authentic
Lake Clark National Park Service Website
how to earn the Boyscout badge
History of Tyonek
Basic history of Tanainas in Matanuska Valley
Cooperlanding news about opening visitors center
article about one of the Language Institutes.